Calendar Bot Approved Contact Calendar Bot homepage 1 Schedule meetings within Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams. Your calendar is displayed and compared to all of the members of the team. Easily schedule the perfect time when all parties are available. No emails, texts or phone calls. CALENDAR BOT Public Scheduling Clients are able to schedule meetings during your available times. Embed your calendar link in websites, blog, or any social media. Easily add your calendar link to your email signature block allowing contacts to quickly schedule meetings. public scheduling Approved Contact Public Scheduling homepage 2 Email Integration Email Integration Sync your calendar and invite your contacts. Only your available times are shared. Changes made to your calendar are automatically synced, eliminating double-booking. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and stored in the Microsoft GovCloud. Schedule Meetings with Approved Contact - Open times for your group are combined. Scheduling is easy! Your calendar & contacts are automatically synced with Approved Contact! Professional Services professional services Add scheduling into your digital communication channels: IVR, Text, Email, voice, website, mobile and social media. We offer customized branding and voice assistant integration. Approved Contact Professional Services homepage 4
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